Antique Tabriz Rugs

Tabriz is a superb place for making rugs and it is a well known place to all lovers of Tabriz rugs. It basically belongs to the Tabriz city and well known among Persian Carpets of common category. This place is known among the oldest place of rug weaving. They are specially known for their skills of rug weaving. There is a most important thing which we should keep in mind before buying rugs. The quality range starts from 24raj and end on to the 110raj. Let me introduce raj to you, it is nothing but raj shows the units density of knot foundation of rug. The fitness of rug is shown by quantity of string. This is useful to the creation of a rug. To make strings they use either cotton or silk. These two materials are very useful to make fine rugs.

Among the various centers available for carpet making Tabriz has its own significant place in the world. It consists of collection of traditional arts which is playing a role of significant development. It contains of antique images with wonderful design, which shows their innovative design of thinking. Mostly five to eight stripes are used for the designing of border. There are different varieties of color which will create an attraction. The colors shades for these types of rugs are soften and floral nature. The harmonious image helps to enhance the display. Their textures are closely being woven in these rugs.

Which is neatly designed and the interior of Tabriz rugs are very fine in touch. The workers who prepare these antique rugs are into this business from so many years. It has been followed from their forebears and carried on till now. The art of weaving rugs are being carried on from their families who were into this tradition. These rug weavers are very much skilled in work of rugs. Before weaving these rugs they have to follow their designs. It’s quite difficult for them to work without any antique designs of rug. The weavers trained in this field of antique rug weaving.

The weaving business is a team work because there are lots of things which they have to follow. There is not only one thing to do. There are allots of things to do, which is quite not easier with a team of worker. So there will be more option of productivity if there is an increase of experienced worker. An experience worker will be more productive for a business of antique rugs.

The designs of antique rugs are exclusive. It is quiet hard to find the rugs like of Tabriz because the quality which they provide to their customer is impossible to find. The decorative arts are being used from the early year of 19th century. Still it is known as the finest work of art which is famous in all over world of carpet. The luxurious carpets are being made by silk which make it comfortable. They have also features like hunting scenes which makes their Tabriz rugs more attractive and antique. The hunting scenes are more attractive which shows the fine works on Tabriz rugs and makes its design antique with more attractive patterns.