Decorating with Agra Rugs

If you are interested in rugs you will find Agra Rugs the most interesting as they are heavy, durable, and colorful and recognized to be the best Indian rugs. There are a great number of varieties of these rugs as far as sizes and designs are concerned. This is because of the fact that they were woven by different people in the famous city of Agra, well known for one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the symbol of love Taj Mahal. The glorious Mughal Kings and the kings who ruled even before them, loved carpets in their bed rooms and courts. The prisoners in the prison also made the carpets, making them controversial items for buying, although not affecting their numismatic value. The locals weaved generation after generation the rugs skillfully but some craftsmen were called from abroad too in different eras, like Persia, now known as Iran. Turks too were attracted by the heavy rewards by the kings and when Turkish experts worked with Persian invented new designs, sizes and superior qualities. The size ranges from small, medium to room size, all handmade. The designs are symmetric patterns with borders. The stuff is tough yet soft making it durable but with delicacy letting it to enhance room decor.

Agra had been the capital city for many years in different periods of rulers and thus rug industry was promoted due to the royal patronage. The ancient people usually kept the trade secrets confined and restricted to their children and therefore the skills were transferred to the next generation and to the next. The professions were the identities of the families and their traits. If you observe the color scheme and combination of Agra rugs and ancient carpets, you will find them unique and antique which makes them special and popular in the world.

Do not forget to bargain as hard as you can, asking for a discount and retain the bill with you. Check for after sale terms especially the policy about returning or exchange later. Be the champ, if you are able to handle the Indian shopkeepers, after buying the best carpet paying the least. Show that you are a serious buyer but clever too and know the commissions chains. Beware of inflated bill as they may overcharge you if you pay through the credit card. They know that tourist leave to never come again, so do not care about their credibility and fame.

The common thread used in the handmade Agra rugs  is cotton and it is one of the ancient popular and common threads like silk, jute etc. The cotton could have been grown easily and repeatedly, could have been dyed which made it the first choice. Colored threads usually have fast and bright shades and are permanent when washed. You will be surprised that water stain on any carpet could be permanent and therefore if water spills on it wash it all otherwise by no mean you would be able to get rid of the ugly stain.

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