Divorce Mediator

A good divorce mediator  can help you lessen the burdens and stress of divorce. Many couples are concerned about using a divorce mediator because they fear one member in the process will have an advantage over the other if a mediator gets involved. This is simply not true. In fact, one of the essential tasks of a divorce mediator is to identify an imbalance between the divorcing couple and look for sound ways to correct the power imbalance. A mediator has the ability to halt the process until a fair power balance is established.

Using a divorce mediator can be especially helpful to woman who may sometimes feel intimidated by the whole courtroom process. Woman often feel more comfortable speaking up during mediation and feel that they have more power to stop or slow down the process if they feel that the divorce agreement is not adequate for them. Many studies have shown that mediation in the divorce process is an easier system for women going through divorce. In addition, mediation allows open negotiations about issues that may be considered non-legal but still important items that need addressing by one or both of the divorcing couple.

Many divorcing couples are overwhelmed by the entire process and feel that just hiring a lawyer is simple and hassle-free. This may be a costly and timely mistake. An experienced divorce mediator can save both members of a divorcing couple time and money. In fact, a divorce mediator is a like an experienced captain navigating the treacherous waters of divorce court proceedings. The mediator can organize the entire process from gathering of critical information and documents and offer advice on key decisions.

Mediation, without the presence of expensive divorce lawyers, often opens the doors for communication between the spouses. Couples will learn the necessary information such as legal rights that will enable sound agreements aimed at benefiting both parties equally. A lawyer can step in after the mediation process to provide the proper paperwork and legal documents. Any creative agreements arranged to suit divorcing couples specific needs can be legally documented as well once the mediation process is underway.

If you are in the unfortunate process of going through a divorce, take the time to understand the role of a divorce mediator. You will be surprised how mediation can the save time, money and aggravation. Many divorcing couples find mediation an important tool for communication and negotiation through a painful, unpleasant process. Call today to get a free consultation with one of our professional divorce mediators.