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Pets move too!

Moving to Albany? Don’t forget to plan for your furry loved ones! Of course they’ll be accompanying you and they may have some particular needs during your move. There’s no doubt that planning a relocation entails many considerations, and can be stressful. By addressing and planning for your pets’ needs in advance, you can be sure to cut down on not only your own stress level, but also to improve upon your pets’ move experience. This article will focus upon Manhattan moving with the two most common pets; cats and dogs.

First, be sure not to worry about your dog’s well-being once you are relocated to NYC, especially if your move will cause you to undergo schedule or lifestyle changes. NYC is an extremely dog-friendly city; many residents own canines. There are many, many services available in each borough in order to support working and/or traveling dog owners, including dog walking companies and doggie day care companies. Since so many residents here own dogs, also consider finding a neighbor with a dog and working out an arrangement with them where you can exchange doggie care services. Finally, the city contains many dog-friendly parks where you and your canine friend can enjoy the outdoors together, and the dog can stretch their apartment-bound legs.

For moving your dog to NYC, you have three options: shipping the dog, flying with the dog, or driving with the dog. Of course, the easiest choice might be to drive with the dog in your car; however, it is generally inconvenient to have a car in New York, and it can be very expensive to own due to an extreme shortage of parking options. If driving is not an option for you, you’ll have to relocate the dog by plane. If you have a smaller sized dog, it is best to fly with the dog. Airlines will not allow dogs over a certain size to fly aboard passenger planes; each airline will vary to some extent on this issue and you may do best to check around. Furthermore, each airline will vary as to the crating requirements they have, as well as the amount they charge for you to fly with your pet. Remember that the airlines will consider your crated dog as one of your carry-ons. If you have a very large dog, or if you have too much baggage to be able to also manage your dog, you may consider shipping your dog. The cost of this is comparable to the cost of flying with the dog yourself, and such a service could greatly decrease your stress of dealing with your pet while flying. At the same time, you might consider that this form of transportation could heighten the stress level of your pet; consider the temperament and adaptability of your pet in deciding what might be the best option for you both.

Another huge consideration is whether or not to sedate your dog. Again, a huge determinant of what you should do really depends upon your assessment of your own pet’s personality. Does your dog easily become afraid or stressed? If so, it might make your pet’s travels easier it they are sleeping through them. Another consideration might be any health problems your pet has, particularly respiratory issues, as many tranquilizers can depress respiration. Consult your veterinary office and obtain a prescription from them. Never give your dog human tranquilizer medication.

It is also a good idea to refrain from giving your dog food or water before traveling. You may feel badly about depriving your dog, given that the will have a relatively rough day ahead, but realize that your dog will be just fine for up to ten hours without food or water. Providing them with food or water could only make their journey more uncomfortable for them, and for you, as they will surely need to get outside and relieve themselves, and will be unable to do so.

For your feline friends, the same advice regarding sedation and the withholding of food and water applies. Again, it is always a good idea to consult your vet regarding these issues. In terms of travel, depending upon where you’re coming from, car transportation with a cat may be difficult. Many cats have little patience for remaining in a small crate or carrier, and it can be dangerous for both you and your cat if they are not confined in the car. If you are flying your cat, it will generally spend less time in the carrier, assuming your trip to NYC will be longer than 2-3 hours in the car. You also have the same option of shipping your cat, as you do your dog.

One advantage to moving to New York with a cat rather than a dog is that your options for housing will be far more numerous. Many more apartments are open to cats than are open to dogs. Furthermore, the same pet sitting services necessary for many dogs will also service your cat, should you be traveling or simply concerned about your feline friend spending too much time home alone.

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