What is a Party Bus

A party bus which is also known as a party van, limousine bus, limo bus, or luxury bus is a heavy motor vehicle. It is usually derived from a usual bus or coach, but developed and designed to carry ten or more people only for entertainment and recreational purposes such as some kind of party, a birthday party or graduation. Our expert team offers you 50 passenger party bus in the best price that will meet your need. Party buses are usually driven by well trained and licensed chauffeurs.

The purpose of these buses is for recreational activities inside the vehicle while traveling any places inside or outside the city. The word “recreation” encompasses birthday celebrations, weddings, bachelor parties, party dance, anniversaries, company retreats, even graduation parties.

We offer you to use our vehicles for round trip travel to casinos, as a modified city travel vehicle or as pick-up or dropping-off from different nightclubs, discos and bars. Vehicles designed for these purposes are often called luxury bus, limousine or limo bus, party ride and also party van.

Inside our party bus, we offer you a high quality CD player with an AM/FM stereo, a seating capacity to hold from 10 to 50 persons with seats that have been upgraded, fast idle controller, power windows and door locks, power remote-controlled mirrors, stripper poles, bells and whistles, bar area with or without ice coolers, audio and video systems, IPOD, passenger entrance door which is air actuated, privacy divider or partition, large luggage compartments, cup holders, disco lights or strobe lights and also known as laser lights, smoke machines and restroom facility.

These party buses offer a variety of selections of flooring plans to cover the requirements of the individuals who are hiring those buses. These buses can be used for tiny or week long tours. Commonly, the buses are being used in everyday events and trips. In long tour we offer you up to 7 days trip or more.

Party bus rentals price could vary depending on a lot of factors. Such as; the size of the bus being hired, the purpose of hiring, the area where the bus company is situated, the availability of the vehicle being rented. Our expert team offers you the best rental price that will surely meet your need.

We offer you to use our party buses for wedding ceremony, proms and bachelor parties and also for round trips to nightclubs, casinos, nights on the city road, personally drop offs and pickups at various nightclubs and bars, and also city tours.

While our expert team provides 50 passenger party bus for week long trips or events, most of them are used for day trips and events.

These Buses cost anywhere ranges between $200 to $600 per hour, depending on what it is equipped with and what type of a bus it is built on. But we can give you the grantee that our party bus rentals price will surely meet the expectation level of yours and will serve you in the best possible way that one can desire.