How to use a women vibrator for the first time

There are quite a few women out there who actually buy women vibrators after working out what is the best vibrator for them, but then get hesitant about using it for the first time. You need to know that vibrators are such an amazing adult novelty toy that you can use it for self-pleasure and also use it to enhance your sexual experience with your partner. Like any other adult sex toy, such as strap on harnesses, face strap on, double sided strap on etc., you need to use a women vibrator efficiently to experience the best orgasms.

Here is a bit of information on how to use your novelties adulte toy for the first time:

Setting the mood is important For starters, you need to make sure that you have some time at hand and a bit of privacy too. You have to be in a place that is comfortable, free of people and every single thing that might interrupt. Work on things that generally tend to get you in the mood. These are inclusive of: dim lights, watching a bit of porn, soft music, chocolate etc.

Manual submission Start out by feeling yourself around your most sensitive love spot. This is basically meant to get you in the mood and smoothen out the transition that you will be facing to move to the intense buzz of a women vibrator. You need to pinpoint your clitoris and explore your vagina to start feeling sexy and good.

Give your vibrator a try To get things started, you must give your vibrator a test run. Check out its different speeds and settings in order to get familiar with its various feels and sounds. Try giving a buzz against your hand with it to get a good idea as to how it would feel against your love zone. Before allowing the vibrator to touch your clitoris, it is necessary for you to know about its different paces, settings and feels so that you do not receive a shock when the actual stimulation begins!

First contact between your vibrator and your clitoris
Set your vibrator on its lowest speed and move the vibrator towards your clitoris slowly. You might also want to touch it over your vaginal lips or inner thighs too to get a good feel around your love zone. Remember, you need to get comfortable with your love toy first and then gently guide it towards your clitoris to begin feeling sexual pleasure that is at par!

Following these basic guidelines would let you have a sexual experience that is simply out of the world. You would be comfortable about using your adult novelty toy and might even move on to trying out other novelties adult toys.

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