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Religion and Physics. A Book " Physics - The Picture of Genesis ".
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I am glad to see you on this site which is devoted to my book.

In the book and on the site, the interrelation between Physics and Religion is considered.

Is it a God?
Yes - whether or not? And if there is, who is it(he)?
Does the religion give the answer?
But there are a lot of religions and in different places - everyone believes in his own religion.
To which of them to trust?
Physics is quite another thing.
The laws of physics are identical everywhere.
And they work separately of any opinion of an individual person.
Is it possible to unite the laws of physics with religion?
20 years ago I was surprised with this question and considered doubtfully to such opportunity.
However I had to change my point of view.

The Reasons of a modern science give, maybe
the opportunity to make the conclusion
that the religion became acceptable
for sensible scientific mind, since 1927.

/A. S. Eddington /.

Einstein said, that the scientist does not think with formulas.
But, dear Einstein, please see how nice to think with the help of these formulas.
So, you can imagine the whole picture of Existence,s creation.



§1. T = -273, 16OC

§2. h = 0        C/D = p = 3,14

E0 = M0 c2     R/NA=k

§3. h = 1(constant)   E = hc


§5. Ö1-(v/c)2         e =2,71

§6. E=kT

He-II ---> He-I ---> H ---> ...

§7. p

§8. n=p+e

            §9. ΔEΔt³ħ.


In these formulas there are basic contents about the theory, about the book.
All the rest is different comments.

Israel Sadovnik.

2003-2018 @ Copyright Israel Sadovnik, בוק בת מצווה